As we prepare to wave off another year, we enter the festive season with high hopes for the same old Christmases we know and love, spent in the joyful company of family and friends. Why not make it one to remember, with a luxurious gift that they are sure to treasure (and truly deserve) after a stressful year.

In times gone by, when travellers were lost, they would turn to the stars in the sky to guide them home – and it is this hope, protection, and guidance that inspired us for our Christmas campaign. This year, let calm and rest be your very own north star, the goal that guides you through a gift selection process that (in our opinion) leaves little room for error.

Our curated sets are paired together for their relaxing and restorative powers, hand-picked to encourage moments of pleasure and enjoyment from the Stress Check and Deep Sleep ranges. Gifts with a conscience, this year we’ve also ensured that all our packaging is FSC certified; uses carbon balanced paper (which reduces the carbon impact by preserving ecologically important standing forests as part of the World Land Trust); and is 100% recyclable, compostable or degradable.

With five carefully curated categories of gifts to choose from, find one to match whichever gift persona you’re buying for.

minature miracle workers

From covetable ideas to self-gifting, each of these sets contains the essence of This Works’ powerful aromatherapy Deep Sleep blend. 
We love: dream team and sleep on it, for the restless or anxious sleepers in your life. Dream team is a classic night-time duo, with mini stress check roll-on to promote clear breathing and clarity of mind, plus, mini deep sleep pillow spray with Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile for deeper, more peaceful sleep.
The mini first aid kit for sleep, sleep on it is a trio that aims to restore normal slumber patterns. Deep sleep pillow spray with Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile essential oils help you fall asleep faster, sleep together calming spray helps you to wind down with the whole household and stress check roll-on relieves mental and physical tension with Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Lavender. One thing is certain: they will thank you.

under the tree

For times when one just isn’t enough, these perfect sleep pairs offer complete tranquillity for the night ahead.
We love: great in bed for the workaholics or stressed-out colleagues. A powerful deep sleep trio boasting the Deep Sleep Superblend throughout, combined to prepare body and mind for restful sleep. Give them a sign to step away from their screen with a pre-sleep ritual they deserve, the three steps include cleansing away daytime stresses and enjoying a luxurious body lotion before falling asleep soundly – all thanks to you.

pure indulgence

Luxuriate in the promise of a deep sleep with our much-loved sleep solutions. True indulgence.
We love: with sleep comes beauty for the best friend. An ultra-luxurious treat, it doesn’t get better than with sleep comes beauty. Give them the ultimate gift of restful sleep, containing four of our best loved sleep solutions: deep sleep pillow spray; deep sleep shower gel; deep sleep bath soak; and deep sleep heavenly candle. An indulgent set that will make for a contented Christmas and beyond.

Stress Check collection

Protect, calm, and help maintain skin balance naturally with vegan and natural formulations powered by plants and stress-relieving fragrance to relax and restore a sense of calm.
Choose from the everyday staples such as stress check kind hands, our comforting hand cream that will soothe skin and calm the mind. The most considerate Christmas gift? Keeping their mental and physical stress in check, of course.

votive collection

Travel and full sized aromatherapeutic solutions to control your ambience, creating a cocoon of calm or setting the mood.
If there’s a gift you can guarantee will be a success – no matter the recipient – it’s a candle. Loved by all (for good reason), it’s a people pleaser that can do no wrong. The only thing left to decide on? Fragrance. All scientifically tested, our fragrances have been proven to activate various areas of the brain depending on your mood, so there’s sure to be one to suit your loved ones. January and February seem more bearable already.