We have plenty of expert research to show that getting your legs out this summer, come rain or shine, can have considerable benefits to your overall health and wellbeing, including regulating hormones and sleep cycles, beating low mood and increasing the body’s Vitamin D count. You don’t need permission to get your legs out this season but if you do need a little extra confidence, our instant tanning serum - perfect legs skin miracle can help give you the boost you need. Here, we explore the importance of getting outside in nature and how being socially active with friends and family can be far more beneficial than working out alone. Plus, learn how letting your skin see the sun this summer can improve your wellbeing.

the power of bilateral stimulation and eye contact

Have you heard of bilateral stimulation? While it sounds complicated, it describes the very simple act of activating both the left and right sides of the brain, which can speed up connections to the brain through increased blood flow. This can be seen when we do something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other or during any activity where we use both sides of our brain like tennis or swimming. This continuous, steady rhythmic pattern is beneficial in releasing the ‘feel good’ hormones (serotonin and endorphins) to improve our mood and help us to feel relaxed, balanced and creatively attuned.

While bilateral stimulation is effective, just going out for a walk with a friend can be very beneficial. Walking encourages connection, improves mental well-being and can help you to co-regulate and engage your parasympathetic nervous system. It effectively dials down your stress response and positively impacts your mood for the day. You may also find it easier to open up to a friend or family member while on a walk, as your eyes focus on your surroundings rather than direct eye contact, which can make some feel awkward. Getting out for a walk without the pressure of a ‘sit down’ conversation can be a great way to get more comfortable with having meaningful conversations and creating emotional connections. Grab the shorts, call a friend, and get outside!

safe sun for improved hormone health

Exposing your legs to the sun can also positively impact your hormone health and imbalances, as it directly affects your natural hormone production. We know that different wavelengths of light trigger the production of many different hormones and neurotransmitters - including serotonin, dopamine and melatonin – all of which contribute to healthy body functions, mood and Circadian Rhythm. Daylight also triggers the creation of brain chemicals such as Somatostatin, (which helps regulate your body’s biological clock) and the synthesis of Vitamin D – another vital player in healthy hormone function.
Vitamin D is a ‘super vitamin’ that helps promote cell growth and repair, but it's also important to consider the safety of sun exposure. To get the best of both worlds, we encourage you to get between 5 and 30 minutes of sunlight (as soon after waking as possible), facing - but not looking directly into - the sun. Regularly applying a broad-spectrum, UVA & UVB sunscreen like in transit skin defence SPF 45 is a great way to keep skin protected and nourished whilst safely enjoying the brighter weather. 

boost your confidence with our no.1 body serum

Although you may now understand the benefits of getting your legs out, does the thought still make you feel uncomfortable? A glowing tan can make you feel more confident, but it’s not realistic (or safe) to have a holiday all year round. This is where perfect legs skin miracle comes in. The award-winning instant tanning serum uses Natural Caramel to warmly tint the skin, whilst Vitamin C and Arnica work together to even skin tone, blemishes and bruises to give the skin a golden glow, without exposing it to too much sun. This unique formula gives skin (and confidence) an immediate boost by nourishing, transforming and enhancing its appearance without the typical smell or fuss of a fake tan routine.
Simply massage into your skin on your legs (or any other body parts on show!) until the colour is even and of the desired depth, wait a few minutes for the serum to dry and get ready for the day. The product is long lasting and washes off when you’re ready. Simply shower with your usual body cleanser to easily remove it without patches, aggressive scrubbing or streaks.