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everything is better with a good night’s sleep

A night-time collection of skin and sleep solutions to problem-solve life's changes and challenges, one sleep at a time.

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why light time is the right time for sleep, too…

This World Sleep Day, our CEO Dr. Anna Persaud shares how managing your daytime routines, utilising exposure to light, and practising good sleep hygiene round the clock can help maximise night-time sleep.

mindful movement for menopause and beyond

We sit down with Rachel Hubbard, fitness coach, mum of four and expert in health and fitness education who shares her wisdom on how to stay well through movement this winter and the scientifically-proven exercise you can do to manage back pain, menopause and more.

the neuroscience of success

Do you find it hard to stay motivated? We discuss the science behind setting (and sticking to) your goals and share tips on how to make 2023 your most successful year yet. 

which pillow spray?

Discover our range of sleep solutions and customise your sleep, naturally. If you’ve ever thought you could sleep better, should sleep more or need to shift your sleep cycle due to work, then read on to find out which pillow spray is right for you.

the science of gratitude

They say it's better to give gifts than to receive them. It’s not all about the presents we try to remind ourselves…well, actually, when it comes to neuroscience, it kind of is. Find out how practicing gratitude this festive season can help you prolong that feel-good dopamine response and share in the joy.

thought beauty sleep was a myth? Think again!

Award-winning Medical & Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Ewoma, weighs in on why nighttime is the right time when it comes to taking care of your skin.

discover more from our Baby Sleep range here

Discover the studies behind our paediatrician-approved formulation and how our baby sleep pillow spray is scientifically proven to help your little one (and in turn, you) settle down for sweet bedtime dreams.

a study on our renowned Deep Sleep fragrance

Looking for a sleep aid to suit your lifestyle? We break down the science and studies behind our award-winning Deep Sleep functional fragrance, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re using a natural product that is scientifically proven to work.

the science of Love Sleep

Craving more connection with your partner? Discover how our studies prove that love sleep pillow spray helps you reclaim the bedroom for pleasure with your loved one, encourages intimacy and a better night’s sleep for you both.