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stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

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about our Superblends

Our Superblends include active ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and derived from nature. We don’t use ingredients because they’re ‘on trend’, we use them because their benefits are well documented.

the importance of intimacy

Not long ago - before the birth of the smartphone - the bedroom was a place for physical connections, relaxation and sleep. But now, in our increasingly digital world, the bedroom sees more scrolling than sex.

proven to work

how to wake up well

Introducing Morning Expert, a range of highly natural, fast-acting, targeted solutions which have been specifically developed to tackle morning skin concerns in order to hydrate, smooth and brighten tired-looking skin.

need SPF naturally?

A summer with no holiday doesn’t mean a summer with no sunshine (finger’s crossed) but protecting your skin with an SPF is paramount even during a grey British summer or afternoon spent in the shade.

rethink summer

Life might be on pause right now, but pause doesn’t mean stop. 2020 has been a turbulent year for all of us and this summer will be one to remember for none of the reasons we expected.

reasons you can't sleep

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate life-affirming tonic. But as we all know, an undisturbed night isn’t always easy to come by - especially in today’s modern world, where we’re expected to be ‘switched on’ 24rs a day.

which pillow spray?

Discover our range of sleep solutions and customise your sleep, naturally. If you’ve ever thought you could sleep better, should sleep more or need to shift your sleep cycle due to work, then read on to find out which pillow spray is right for you.

understanding your circadian rhythm

We all follow a 24hr daily (circadian) rhythm, controlled by biological clocks - the master one being in the brain.