As women, we are presented with a series of challenges as we move through different phases of our lives, but one phase that arguably brings the most change and obstacles to overcome is menopause. This Works is proud to be menopositive and continually working with experts in this field to help bring you the knowledge and advice you need to navigate this time mindfully. Rachel Hubbard is a long-time friend of the brand, Menopause Specialist, Fitness Coach, Sports Science graduate and experienced mum of four who brings with her a wealth of knowledge. She has previously shared invaluable tips on our wellness hub, including the importance of weightlifting and how movement can help you through all stages of menopause and creating short, easy-to-follow exercise videos. Here, Rachel shares, in her own words, some of her favourite strategies to embrace change with a positive attitude and how to always prioritise useful movement plus some of her favourite products for menopausal women.  

acceptance and action

"While change is inevitable, it isn’t always easy to accept and can take some adjustment. A positive mindset can make a world of difference to our day-to-day lives and how we carry ourselves, manage moods and tackle challenges, but I believe harnessing the power of positivity is even more important during menopause. When heading into this phase of life, it is normal to feel a mix of emotions including stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Allow yourself to acknowledge all of these feelings and accept them without judgement from your inner critic. Negative thoughts about your appearance may creep in, but recognising them as just thoughts and not facts can help you break down potential barriers you are unknowingly creating for yourself. No matter how old you are, what your level of fitness is or how experienced you are, your body will thank you for the time and effort you invest in your health."

focus on what you can control 

"I understand that when hormone levels fluctuate and symptoms like low mood, skin changes, weight gain, brain fog and night sweats appear, it’s easy to feel like you are not in control of your own body and view it negatively. One way to turn this mindset on its head is to focus on what you can control – like how you fuel your body, your pre-bedtime rituals, the type of movement that makes you feel good, the time of day you choose to exercise and what your own personal goals are. Everyone’s needs for movement will differ and during menopause, some women may find they suffer with new back pain, while another has stiff joints –  which is why each goal should be personal to you and motivated by your drivers, not other people’s goals of opinions."  

affirm, affirm, affirm! 

"Understanding exercise is one thing; getting people to engage in exercise is another. Sports Sciences opened my mind (literally) to the ways and means of motivation to effect change, which forms the basis of what I teach now. We can all learn and develop, and science gives us the confidence to make that change. One of the most powerful ways to boost motivation is through visualisation and positive reinforcement. Challenge any negative narratives that crop up with your inner cheerleader and tell yourself out loud how proud you are. Using phrases such as ‘keep going’, ‘you can do this’, ‘good job’ when working out or approaching any challenging task are far more useful that telling yourself you’re not good enough or less than. Being your own best coach is free, effective and can change your whole outlook on your day. "

plan for positive movement 

"Even with the best intentions, our busy lives can get in the way and before you realise the 30 minutes of evening exercise you love gets pushed later and later until you’ve put yourself and your health on the back burner. It can help to plan for when things get tough and time is pressured - whether that's by batch-cooking nutritious meals, subscribing to your favourite menopause-supporting products so you never run out or getting outside for a walk for just 15 minutes of your day – every little effort you give to your body matters and will change how you feel about it. Effective movement is about consistency, so finding just small moments to move in a way that feels good is a little way to show your body how much you love it while simultaneously nourishing your bone health, your muscles, your brain, and your cognitive function. It’s important to look after your body as much as you would look after your house – as it’s the one place you will live in forever, whatever life throws at you. "
Find free exercise sessions you can do in your own time, here.

my favourite menopause-approved product:  

“Deep Sleep body whip is wonderful and helps stop that CAR  - or cortisol awakening that gets you up at 3am.  It also helps my skin to hydrate as well as allow my body more time in the deep sleep zone. Going through the menopause can be stressful, exercise, nutrition and good sleep are key to reducing stress and aiding recovery.  This product is top banana.”