Introducing the latest in technical bodycare, perfect body smoothing wash and perfect body vit C glow. This advanced power duo are science-backed and proven to restore lost glow to lacklustre skin on the body and provide a daily mood-boost courtesy of our fMRI-tested Functional Fragrance.*

firm & glow

Introducing perfect body vit C glow, a perfectly pink body soufflé containing 2% Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Hyaluronic acid to help encourage collagen production and increase skin firmness.

skin refresh?

Introducing perfect body smoothing wash, a gentle resurfacing cleanser blended with PHAs, and a fruit acid complex to tackle uneven skin texture and support the cell renewal process for skin that looks brighter and feels smoother. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and suitable for face and body.

20 years of heritage in award-winning bodycare that works

Benefiting from over 20 years of research into the science of bodycare our latest additions to the perfect bodycare collection combines advanced skincare actives with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.

proven to work

perfect body vitamin C glow

99% said their skin felt softer**
94% said their skin felt smoother**

perfect body smoothing wash

98% said the skin on their body felt smoother***
80% said the skin on their face looked brighter****

powered by advanced skincare actives 

We believe in approaching bodycare with as much intention and positivity as we do facial skincare which why this power duo have been formulated with advanced skincare actives.
The natural pink tint of perfect body vit C glow comes from the addition of Vitamin B12, an active that helps to calm stressed and sensitised skin and protect the skin’s natural biome, allowing it to thrive.
Slow-release 2% Vitamin C is an expert free-radical defender that helps repair cell damage from UVB light exposure as well as help encourage collagen production and increase skin firmness. Hyaluronic Acid expertly and instantly hydrates the skin for plumper, smoother-looking and feeling skin. 
Where physical scrubs can actually cause micro lesions in skin that is already compromised or damaged, chemical exfoliators like the fruit acid complex and PHAs used in this smoothing body wash, gently help to lift off dead skin cells and leave skin looking more youthful without irritation or risk of over-scrubbing.
Five natural fruit acid extracts including Bilbury, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon loosen and remove the top layer of dead skin cells while PHAs (a form of chemical exfoliator with a larger and less irritating molecule structure than its cousins AHAs and PHAs) resurface and gently moisturise the epidermis.
The 98% natural formula also contains an advanced hydration complex, which locks moisture into the skin for 24hrs after use and helps restore skin barrier function

targeted formulas 

Each part of your body feels and behaves differently, this hard-working bodycare duo has been designed to suit areas of wear and tear. Gentle exfoliation paired with a surge of hydration and skin protecting Vitamin C to help brighten, smooth, and soften skin. Perfect for elbows, knees, tummies or areas of dull skin.

harnessing the mind-body connection

Our nervous system, and ultimately our mood, is impacted by cues that come from our body and our surroundings. We create bodycare that helps re-enforce the body-mind connection thanks to interoceptive application techniques and our fMRI tested Functional Fragrance, including mood-boosting Sweet Orange and Geranium essential oils.***

representing a diverse community

Your bodycare should feel right for you. Which is why our bodycare has been tried, tested and formulated with a diverse community in mind, for all ages, life stages and skin tones. We hope the content you see is inclusive and represents you.

encouraging body compassion 

The journey towards body acceptance and body neutrality starts with a practise of self-compassion. We seek to provide different perspectives on what constitutes a ‘perfect’ body, to normalise difference, and celebrate every body perfectly.

bodycare that goes beyond product

We believe that bodycare should come with free wellbeing advice and science-backed protocols that go beyond product from scientists and trusted experts, making whole body wellness accessible to every body.

*Pilot Study 2022
**In a panel of 84 participants over a 28-day period using perfect body vit C glow.
***In a panel of 41 participants over a 28-day period.
****In a panel of 45 participants over a 28-day period