Expect nothing less than bodycare that really works, with science-backed, award-winning solutions for the whole body.
At This Works, caring for your body takes a unique approach; one defined by efficacy and supported by clinical studies (it’s not just our name but our promise this works). ​
Our body products should be as potent and technical as your facial skincare with active, targeted ingredients that transform and support your skin. ​
Our bodycare is also defined by community and the support and advice from our trusted experts, and we believe that bodycare should come with free wellbeing advice and science-backed protocols that go beyond product, making whole body wellness accessible to every body. ​
Last but not least, bodycare should encourage a practise of self-compassion because the more you take care of the body, the more you care for the mind.

20 years of heritage in award-winning bodycare that works

Ask for more than a flash in the pan. By more, we mean products that are award-winning and that have been being rated by a community of real women and medical experts for over a decade (as well as some new ones too!).

proven to work, it’s not just our name it’s our promise

Our bodycare approach is defined by efficacy and proven to work by a panel of over 1,000 customers (of whom 70% must agree ‘this works’ before launching) and clinically tested by dermatologists.

the skinification of bodycare – show your body the love you show your face

Our bodycare is as technical as our facial skincare. Active ingredients and award-winning formulations proven in clinical and consumer studies to have transformative effects on your body.

targeted formulas created for each area and skin concern

The skin on each area of our body looks, feels and behaves differently. You’ll find the skin on your chest is more delicate than on your arms, for example. It’s these differing needs that call for body care that treats each of these areas specifically, with targeted formulas created uniquely for each area and skin concern.

the more you take care of the body, the more you take care of the mind

Our nervous system, and ultimately our mood, is impacted by cues that come from our body and our surroundings. Through interoceptive application techniques, and Functional Fragrance in our perfect bodycare products, we cover both bases to aid emotional regulation and our mental health.

formulations created for and evaluated by people of all ages, skin tones and lived experiences

Your bodycare should feel right for you. Which is why our bodycare has been tried, tested and formulated with a diverse community in mind, for all ages, life stage and skin tones. We hope the content you see is inclusive and represents you.

encouraging a compassionate relationship with our bodies

The journey towards body acceptance and body neutrality starts with a practise of self-compassion. To this end, we seek to provide different perspectives on what constitutes a ‘perfect’ body, to normalise difference, and celebrate every body perfectly.

beyond products; the power of selfcare to establish healthier habits and make them stick

We believe that bodycare should come with free wellbeing advice and science-backed protocols that go beyond product from scientists and trusted experts, making whole body wellness accessible to every body.