Forget the usual January tropes, This Works is up to something a little different this New Year. While wellness brands all around us are busying themselves with new trends and new targets, we’re asking you to resist the urge to sprint from the starting blocks of the year and instead join us in taking things at an intentionally slower, kinder pace. Winter is not a race and while the biological processes of nature turn to hibernation and restoration, we’re looking for better ways to actively rest. Throughout January, February, and March we will be sharing winter wellbeing protocols and products with our wider community with an emphasis on rest (but not as you know it), reconnection (with the self and the world around you), and positive resilience, ensuring that when spring finally does make an appearance, you have all the energy you need to step up into it. 

it may be January, but things are looking up

To quote clinical psychotherapist Laura Baird, this month, we’re here to chase the glimmers, not the dimmers. This is why you’ll notice we’ll be micro-dosing your feed with good feels, enhancing your day with nuggets of neuroscience, and treating you with sensorial soul moments all with the intention of helping you navigate January more positively and supporting your body, skin, and sleep and mind through what can be one of the toughest, longest and paciest months of the year. Because even small moments of joy within our day can trigger the release of happy hormones dopamine and serotonin and help us regain positive perspectives, boost self-love, and tackle the inner critic, who can be over-active during January.
We’ll keep it brief, we’ll keep it positive and we’ll keep it useful.



become a glimmer hunter

Here Lauren and Anna discuss glimmers and how they can help regulate our nervous system.



it’s time to perk up!

At this time of year, our skin can look really dull which can also impact our mood, making us feel a bit fed up and dreaming of a summer holiday. We’ve got a little three-step routine designed to help your skin to perk up and boost your mood at the same time. These three perfect products have been brought together to help you boost your mood and your skin in these winter months.


lighten up

The importance of light and how it affects our focus, mood, and sleep in what is the darkest month of the year should not be underestimated. One free and simple way to set yourself up for a happy day ahead and encourage good sleep at night is by utilising morning light. Did you know the type of light we view and the time of day we are exposed to it can have tremendous effects on our sleep and our mood? Getting outside in sunlight for just 10-30 minutes a day (as soon after waking as possible) is an effective way to trigger the release of dopamine and peak cortisol levels early in the day. This helps tell the body it’s time to wake up and increases our ability to focus – important stuff for a day spent with kids, in-laws, and hosting! If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, try drinking your morning coffee (another natural way to give yourself a quick dopamine hit and energy buzz!) outside, facing (but not looking directly at) the sunlight, or take your dog for a quick walk around the block before getting ready to take on the day.


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