The dialogue of mysticism that surrounds dreams often places them in the realms of pseudoscience, overshadowing their actual biological importance; on a neuroscientific level, we know that dreams enable some important cognitive functions from memory consolidation and emotional regulation to creative thinking and goal setting. 
This season, our Dream by This Works campaign, featuring clinically proven sleep solutions, award-winning bodycare, and festive sleep gifts, helps create space for dreaming and the calm and creativity it brings to your waking hours. 
Backed by Sleep Science, including a polysomnography study, fMRI brain-imaging, and independent user studies our pillow sprays have been shown to have a significant impact on REM sleep* and decrease overnight restlessness, creating the opportunity for dreaming and a more restorative sleep.

dream big with deep sleep

A common misconception is that dreams only occur during the REM phase. It’s true that dreams during REM can be more intense, perceptually vivid, and emotionally engaging yet we still experience dreaming in other stages of sleep- known as non-REM dreaming. Non-REM dreams are important for learning; specifically detailed, non-emotional information.
For many, the difficulty with sleep doesn’t begin at bedtime, but throughout the day, as we carry the stresses of our work deadlines, juggling a family, chaotic commutes, and hectic modern lifestyles into our beds with us. It can be difficult for those with busy, overthinking minds to wind down and switch gears for sleep, but our tried, (clinically) tested, and award-winning deep sleep pillow spray is here to help. Formulated to reduce the anxiety around getting to sleep, fall asleep more easily, and have a better quality of sleep over the course of the night, this powerful sleep aid has sold over 9 million worldwide, helping people put the peace back into a peaceful night’s sleep. Reviewed by neuroscientists and formulated with our signature, clinical, fMRI, and independently tested Functional Fragrance of Lavender, Camomile, and Vetivert, Deep Sleep is designed to be spritzed onto your pillow, bed linens, and pyjamas, releasing the aromatherapeutic fragrance into the room and creating the ultimate relaxing environment to prepare for sleep. 97% of users felt they slept better and 98% felt more refreshed in the morning.**

ramping up your REM sleep

On a neuroscientific level, we know that there are two types of dreams- REM dreams and Non-REM dreams both of which enable some key cognitive functions. REM sleep accounts for approximately 25% of our overall sleep and will vary by individual.  REM sleep is important for memory consolidation and emotional regulation. We process our lived experience via dreams during REM sleep, forging new intercellular connections, restoring brain chemistry, and integrating newly encoded information in the brain. All of this can result in increased focus, goal-setting, and creative thinking – meaning that when we create the space for dreams during sleep, we’re actually creating more scope for us to achieve our waking dreams, too. 
One way to ramp up your time spent in REM sleep is with our clinically proven, award-winning sleep plus pillow spray. Backed by Sleep Science, including a polysomnography study, fMRI brain-imaging, and independent user studies, this powerful spray is proven to decrease night wakings, boost REM sleep and restore sleeping patterns.* Sleep plus pillow spray uses an innovative motion-activated delivery system, slow-releasing encapsulated bursts of our Deep Sleep Functional throughout the night as and when you need them – helping you stay in the crucial REM phase for even longer, resulting in more dreams, more restorative sleep, and a well-rested mind come morning – everything you need for daytime dream-chasing. 
Do you prefer to take your showers in the evening? Prepare for sleep with a warm shower or bath using our deep sleep shower gel. Formulated with our award-winning, natural Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert to calm both mind and body and soothe you to sleep. Inhale the clinically proven scent as you cleanse the body and prepare for a peaceful night’s beauty sleep. 

bring calm to bedtimes with sleep-promoting bodycare

A great night’s sleep begins far before your head hits the pillow, and creating a calm bedtime routine where you cocoon yourself in relaxation from start to finish is an amazing way to ensure you get the quality hours you need (and deserve!), setting yourself up for a night full of dreams. When it comes to bedtime, we give our children long enough time to wind down, relax, and use ingredients in their bath, creams, and environment that support a tranquil lead-up to lights out, but we often neglect these stages from our own routines. Our Deep Sleep collection branches into bath and bodycare too, so you can begin your evening wind-down by lighting an ambient-building candle with notes of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert, pouring our luxurious deep sleep bath oil into your bath, cleansing with our deep sleep shower gel and caring for your skin with our deep sleep body whip. Build the ultimate pre-bedtime routine with products and fragrance clinically proven to prepare your mind for better sleep and the sweetest dreams. 

dreaming of a calm christmas?

It may be a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but for all the planners out there and those that get their kicks from ticking off their lists, we wanted to share our beautiful gifting solutions. This year, especially during the festive build-up, you may be dreaming of some well-earned restorative sleep in amongst the parties, the wrapping, and the deadlines. We want to support the cognitive ability to dream and the creativity it brings with our holiday campaign and beautiful gifting sleep sets - each encouraging you, your family, or loved ones to make space for dreams and create a cocoon of calm before bedtime. All the packaging is recyclable, compostable, and tied up in 100% recycled yarn ribbon – making them the conscious gift of choice this Christmas too.