Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to prioritise connection and introduce some new ways to achieve it with your partner (while finding the perfect gift in the process).

In the time since the pandemic has begun, increased safety measures, social distancing and intermittent lockdowns have meant we have been starved of touch, which has negative effects beyond intimacy and is even known to be detrimental to our health and mental state. Emotional contact between people is often mediated by touch, making it a vital aspect of our daily lives, and anything from touching to hugging and kissing are experienced as affectionate gestures. All are proven to enhance positive feelings and are clear ways of seeking intimacy – in all close relationships.

Now that we know a little more about the links between touch and emotional connection, let’s explore the methods we can use to apply it and therefore harness it for greater intimacy. Discover some easy techniques – and find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift – below.

1. Prioritise physical touch

Giving or receiving a massage may feel like a clichéd way to connect with your partner, but the science proves otherwise. Affective touch (that is, social or emotional touch) increases serotonin (associated with feelings of happiness, focus and calm), and dopamine (associated with feelings of rewards, motivation and productivity), plus, the “love” hormone oxytocin.
Our consulting neuroscientist Professor Badre says, “Massage has a “feeling well” and pleasant (“haptic”) effect. Pressure of the touch has also an impact; changing deep pressure, as done in massage, activates specific regions of the brain and is perceived as calming.” Engaging in this actively with your partner could be the key to unlocking a new level of connection.


top tip

Try including some light shoulder and back massage into your bedroom routine. You can use any moisturiser, but these are our recommendations...
deep sleep body cocoon
Formulated with our Deep Sleep fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert for ultra-relaxing effects.
skin deep dry leg oil
Not just for legs, this luxurious oil blended with 13 high-grade essential oils, can be used all-over for a spa-like massage experience.


2. Scents of connection

Introducing the right scent to your setting could also increase connection. Certain fragrances and combinations can affect the brain, activating certain areas associated with specific moods. For example, Lavender helps to encourage calm, and Patchouli has been seen to activate areas associated with reward and relaxation. This is proven via fMRI brain imaging studies and is how we create all our functional fragrances.
Professor Badre says, “Pleasant scent may further enhance the impact of affective touch – and its intimacy. This may be even more pronounced if the scent has been shown to decrease anxiety, enhance relaxation and create positive memories.”

top tip

When spending time with your partner, try lighting a scented candle or treat them to a sensual essential oil blend, here are our favourite picks...
deep sleep heavenly candle
Create an oasis of calm with our luxurious, hand-blended candle, enriched with pure essential oils of Lavender and Camomile.
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Create a sense of connection with our Love Sleep Superblend containing Ylang Ylang and patchouli.