This Stress Awareness Month, we’re here to help you supercharge your sleep, soothe your mind and create your own calm. Give your wellbeing a boost with our expert tips and mood-balancing collection of targeted, science-backed solutions made from natural ingredients. Plus, they are all scented with functional fragrances that are proven to work by fMRI brain imaging technology too. Calm is officially having a comeback. Read our top tips below…

1. Just breathe

When daily stresses arise, the one superpower we can always call from our arsenal is breathing. Just five slow and deep breaths can have the ability to calm our worries, clear our heads and keep us feeling level-headed. Pairing this exercise with stress check breathe in can make it all the more effective, simply roll some onto your wrists and allow the scent of Eucalpytus, Frankincense and Lavender Oil to refresh and calm your senses. 

2. Get moving

It’s no secret that physical exercise (no matter how gentle or vigorous) can have a positive impact on our moods both in the short and long term. It’s great for shifting our focus, clearing our head and getting out in nature (which, incidentally, is a great way to help our mental health) – and that’s equally as true for a dog walk, yoga session or cross-country run. Apply in transit skin camera close-up before you head out, for the perfect finish with or without make-up – then try sleep plus massage relief afterwards to help relieve tension.

3. Reduce your triggers

Meditation, mindfulness, ‘me time’… whatever you like to call it or how you spend it, taking the time to focus your energy inward consistently can really help prevent stress and also help you feel more prepared when it arrives. To maximise your calm, reach for stress check breathe out and enjoy the sense of relief brought to you by Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Neroli. 

4. Create an oasis

Use stress check mood manager (our mood modifying mist that can be used on skin, clothing or your surroundings) to create a calm atmosphere wherever you are. Breathing in the Superblend of Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Patchouli will transform your room into a sanctuary and enable deeper relaxation. If you prefer a candle (who doesn’t love one), then try our petitgrain and jasmine candle or our relax, love, sleep trio for round-the-clock relaxation.