On waking, skin is at its most dehydrated, as water content is at its lowest. Skin can look dull and red - and needs to be energised and protected.

Introducing Morning Expert, a range of highly natural, fast-acting, targeted solutions which have been specifically developed to tackle morning skin concerns in order to hydrate, smooth and brighten tired-looking skin. Powered by This Works' Superblend of natural actives and brain-sharpening essential oils, its 100% natural, functional fragrance of Peppermint, Lavandin and Rosemary was created through brain-imaging studies. It is proven to help sharpen focus and boost morning motivation, so you can wake up well and carry out your day with both an inner and an outer glow.

morning expert

wake-up drops

An anti-fatigue blend of 100% natural Peppermint, Lavandin and Rosemary essential oils, created through brain-imaging studies, to help sharpen focus and boost morning motivation.
When smelt on waking, This Works’ Morning Expert fragrance was seen to activate areas of the brain associated with reward, memory, attention and enhanced perception, with the potential to improve alertness, focus and positivity - particularly amongst the sleep deprived or those who struggle with morning alertness.
Upon waking, add 3-5 morning expert wake-up drops to an oil diffuser.
100% natural formulation
Peppermint - increases alertness
Lavandin - reduces anxiety
Rosemary - stimulates alertness

morning expert              hyaluronic serum

A plumping 2% Hyaluronic Acid complex with Vitamin C to help hydrate and brighten tired-looking skin.
Protecting and strengthening, morning expert hyaluronic serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to support the replenishment of skin’s water content after overnight trans-epidermal water loss.  This provides intense moisturisation to immediately restore skin’s glow, improve skin texture and support collagen production to promote youthful-looking skin. Powerful antioxidant Vitamin C helps brighten skin to leave it looking youthful, radiant and revived.
After 28 days of use by This Works’ panel:

91% said their skin felt more hydrated 82% said their skin felt firmer

Apply daily after cleansing, under moisturiser, for a softer, brighter and more radiant morning complexion.

morning expert

open eyes

Anti-blue light support with Giant Kelp and Persian Silk Tree to help de-puff, detoxify and brighten eyes on waking.
The antidote to tired eyes, morning expert open eyes combines natural extracts of Giant Kelp Extract for a firming, lifting effect, while Cocoa Seed Peptides help to fight the blue light pollution that prematurely ages the thin skin around the eye. Persian Silk Tree Extract helps to detoxify and brighten up dark circles around the eye socket, visibly waking up eyes.
After 28 days of use by This Works’ panel:

78% said ‘this works’                          . 75% said skin felt more moisturised around the eyes

Apply with the cooling metal applicator and use daily after cleansing for an instant morning eye lift.
Not suitable for sensitive skin.

morning expert

Vitamin C power mask

An invigorating exfoliating mask with 10% Vitamin C and Jojoba to smooth, cleanse and vitalise lacklustre skin.
Water-activated Vitamin C granules exfoliate away dullness, reduce uneven skin tone and fight premature ageing. Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil nourish and cleanse, without stripping skin of moisture, to leave skin feeling comfortable and soft. An amazing, glow-boosting way to start your day.
After 28 days of use by This Works’ panel:

94% said their skin felt soft and smooth                                                    83% said their skin looked more radiant

Use daily in place of a morning cleanse to renew and revitalise -  or leave on for up to 10 minutes for a more intensive treatment twice a week.

how to wake up well

1. get a good night's sleep

This Work' sleep solutions are clinically proven to enhance sleep quality - no matter what your sleep concern.

2. avoid waking up suddenly

Avoid using a loud alarm which jolts you out of sleep - increasing heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Instead, wake up well with an alarm sound which gradually takes you from deep sleep to wakefulness.

3. dreamy wake up

Start your day more relaxed by waking up during a dream. Train yourself to do this by adjusting your bedtime and wake-up time to REM cycles, which happen about every 90 minutes.

4. rehydrate

Drink a tall glass of water upon waking to combat overnight water loss (due to sweating, snoring, mouth breathing, and pre-sleep alcohol or dessert consumption). You are particularly prone to dehydration if you sleep less than six hours.

5. burn off cortisol

It's good to burn off cortisol, which rises in the morning, to prevent being in 'stress reponse' mode going into your day. However, avoid losing sleep in order to exercise.

6. be kind to your bowel

Emptying your bowel in the morning rids the body of waste, reduces bloating and helps improve mood (because water in the gut can trigger anxiety and negativity, due to nerve connections between the gut and the brain).