Travel is back and the This Works team cannot contain their excitement. So much so, they have been busy making notes of their dream travel destinations and what they’d love to do whilst there. Read on to discover the must-visit bucket list picks from all over the globe plus the products they plan on taking to combat mid-flight nerves, aching feet, and dehydrated holiday skin. Ready to rack up the air miles? Let’s go... 

Emily Erritty, Senior Comms & Content 

On My Bucket List: New Zealand! I would love to go back to show the kids where we lived but it is just so far, especially with small children! Hopefully one day.

I’m packing: stress check breathe in to ease those flight nerves and baby pillow spray an essential to try and get the children to sleep!

I’m booking: Dinner at Cable Bay Vineyard on Waiheke Island – the wine and food are incredible!
Amelia Webb, CRM Ecommerce Analyst

On my Bucket list: I have always dreamt of going to Costa Rica because of the wildlife (and the weather!)

I’m packing: In transit skin defence spf 30 and perfect heels rescue balm as I will be doing a lot of hiking.

I’m booking: A trip to see the turtles and a zip line through the jungle.
Luke Buckland, Product development assistant 

On My Bucket List: I am obsessed with American sports, especially basketball and NFL so would love to travel to the US to watch some live sport!

I’m packing: Sleep plus muscle relief for my achy muscles and no wrinkles extreme moisture, it's my go-to daily moisturiser.

I’m booking: Front row seats to Dallas Mavericks in the finals!
Katie Service, Content Contributor

On My Bucket List: I am dreaming of re-visiting Kyoto and exploring more of the tranquil side Japan (although the crazy busy stuff in Tokyo is fun too!)

I’m packing: I’ll be packing my sleep plus pillow spray for the bullet train for power ups between adventures as well as my travel size deep sleep pillow spray for helping my body and mind adjust faster to jetlag.

I’m booking: Lurra Restaurant in Kyoto, which is Japanese and Nordic Fusion and meant to be incredible. 
Olivia Gregory, Social Media Coordinator

On My Bucket List: I have been dreaming of a trip to Los Angeles for years now - I am super into wellness and so can’t wait to get my fill of all the amazing juice bars and do some hiking.

I’m Packing: skin deep dry leg oil because of course I’ll only be wearing shorts or dresses!

I’m booking: A reformer Pilates class with Megaformer Studio - their ab classes are meant to be amazing! 
Sarah Cannon, Brand Manager

On My Bucket List: My Instagram algorithm has been tempting me with pictures of people in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland - its steaming blue waters look so inviting.

I’m Packing: In the Summer months there are only a few hours of darkness, so I’ll definitely be taking deep sleep pillow spray to help me fall asleep in the evening.

I’m booking: A whale watching tour! I have never seen one in the wild before.