Becoming a parent is one of the biggest challenges and lifestyle changes anyone can experience. Along with the newborn cuddles, sweet baby smells, and a laundry list of other firsts come sleepless nights, which can soon turn into weeks, months or even years. It’s likely that in the first year of your baby's life, sleep (theirs and yours) is at the forefront of your mind, which is why healthy habits, a good routine and building a toolkit of tips and tricks that work for both parent and child is so important. This is why we created baby sleep, a soothing pillow spray to calm before bedtime and create positive sleep habits that help everyone in the house get a little more shut-eye. Discover how our paediatrician-approved formula worked for new parents and their children in our independent and clinical studies below.

There’s a running joke that whoever said ‘sleeps like a baby’ doesn’t have a baby, and in the newborn days, that’s most definitely true. But as your baby grows and their brains develop, their sleep needs change, and this can mean that your waking-every-two-hours newborn is able to settle down for much longer nighttime stretches. As a new parent, sleep deprivation can hit hard, and while there’s no magic remedy to ensure your baby always sleeps through the night, there are ways you can encourage them, including healthy sleep habits, a calming environment and a predictable bedtime routine. Baby sleep pillow spray was created for this very reason – to help sleep-deprived parents settle their little ones calmly and gently, and achieve a less disturbed sleep (for everyone). Keep reading to discover the positive effects baby sleep had in our independent and clinical user studies below. 
soothe and settle
Baby sleep is a 99% natural pillow spray for babies of six months+, formulated with the same award-winning functional fragrance as our bestselling deep sleep pillow spray but with an added soothing extract. The difference with baby sleep is our Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert Superblend enjoys the addition of soothing Lemon Balm extract, which studies show is beneficial for a child’s sleep, anxiety and mood. Each of these essential oils is renowned for its calming properties, and when blended they create a powerful fragrance that helps pave the way to sleep. Our fMRI study in 2017 concluded that our Deep Sleep functional fragrance activated areas of the brain associated with emotions, pleasure and calmness, with the potential to encourage pre-disposition towards sleep1, making it a soothing scent to use on your baby’s pyjamas and sheets before bedtime, and one which aids positive sleep association.
loved by parents and children alike
We understand that before using a product on your child, you want to ensure it’s safe, paediatrician-approved, tested and proven to work. As experts in sleep we have sold over 9 million pillow sprays* and closely monitor quality and efficacy. We have also conducted an independent user study on children aged 6 months to 3 years over a period of 28 days, each of which incorporated baby sleep pillow spray into their bedtime routine. 84% of parents said their child had less disturbed sleep, 83% felt their child was more relaxed at bedtime, 84% said they had a more settled night, and 78% said their child woke less often, which meant more sleep for children and parents alike.** It’s important to us that our customers believe our products really work, and we put this to the test with our This Works panel. We won’t launch a new product unless 70% of our panel agree ‘This Works’ and baby sleep is no exception. In a study of 27 parents self-reporting on children aged 6months – 5 years after following the This Works Baby Sleep Bedtime Ritual including baby sleep gentle wash, baby sleep massage oil and baby sleep pillow spray over 14 days, 89% felt their child’s sleep quality improved and their child had a more settled night. 85% said their child slept for longer, and 81% said their child settled more quickly at bedtime.***
**In a study of 58 parents self-reporting on children aged 6 months - 3 years over 28 days. Individual results may vary.
***In a study of 27 parents self-reporting on children aged 6months – 5 years after following the This Works Baby Sleep Bedtime Ritual (BSGW, BSPS, BSMO) over 14 days. Individual results may vary.
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