In the modern world, it can be difficult to put your phone down come evening, even if you are craving attention, connection and intimacy with your partner. After a busy day at work, tending to children or worrying about the never-ending to-do list in your mind, you might find you and your partner slumping on either end of the sofa, phones in hand, with very little conversation occuring. We get it, and this is the exact reason we created our love sleep pillow spray. Formulated with a 100% natural Superblend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Frankincense to help you switch off, turn on and reclaim the bedroom for pleasure, this spray is scientifically proven in clinical and independent studies to encourage more intimate moments. Discover more about our studies below. 

it starts with smell
Aroma is a powerful tool when it comes to evoking emotions, and pleasure is no exception. Our sense of smell is arguably the most important sense when it comes to sending signals to the brain, as the olfactory nerve is the shortest connection to the brain's nervous system. Fragrance can have a strong physical and mental effect on the brain and body, and we have harnessed this incredible connection in our love sleep pillow spray. In 2017, we conducted a study on 30 male and female participants to test the effects of our Ylang Ylang and Patchouli functional fragrance on the brain under fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scanning. Studies found that the right and left caudate in the brain, and a small cluster adjacent to the thalamus, were all activated. These areas of the brain are known to be linked to wanting, desire and reward processing.
it's good to talk
For many, pleasure and intimacy begin with an emotional connection, which is why quality time and face-to-face conversations are important to pave the way to intimacy. We tested our love sleep pillow spray, room fragrance and candle on our panel over a two-week period and found that one in three had more intimate moments*, and 54% had more conversations with their partner in the evenings.** When burning the love sleep candle, 84% of panel users were able to switch off in the evening and 72% had more conversations with their partner.*** Creating an environment that encourages more face-to-face interaction is a small step toward nourishing your relationship in order to switch off, connect and turn on. 
*love sleep pillow spray: In a user trial with 154 participants over 14 days. Individual results may vary.
** love sleep pillow spray: In a user trial with 133 participants over 14 days. Individual results may vary.
***love sleep seduction candle: In a panel of 25 participants responding to the fragrance over 14 days. Individual results may vary.
a fullfilling night's sleep
While sex and an intimate connection are important, waking refreshed after a good night’s sleep is also beneficial for both partners to feel their best. When we have a restorative sleep, we spend more time processing emotions and consolidating memories, which means we wake feeling restored and ready to take on the day. Our love sleep pillow spray is scientifically proven in a study of 200 men and women to help you and your partner have a better night’s sleep. 93% of users said they fell asleep faster and 93% woke less often, so you and your partner can settle into bed ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.*
*In a study of 200 participants with self-diagnosed sleep issues compared to no product over seven days.
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