At the heart of each product is a Superblend; a three-element ingredient system made up of naturally-derived and scientifically-proven ingredients at therapeutic levels. These ingredients are expertly blended to create clean, cruelty-free skincare, with integrity that delivers. We put in what we need and leave out what we don’t. We strive for all of our products to be at least 98% natural.

natural actives

Our Superblends include active ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and derived from nature. We don’t use ingredients because they’re ‘on trend’, we use them because their benefits are well documented.
The Vitamin C found in our Morning Expert range is well known for its multiple benefits, from antioxidant protection to boosting skin’s elasticity and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, giving a bright and glowing complexion.
The Granactive Retinoid and Bakuchiol found in our My Wrinkles collection are some of the only ingredients proven to support in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Persian Silk Tree Extract is shown to support detoxification at night and help reduce signs of tiredness in the morning. You will find it in our my wrinkles tired eyes and morning expert open eyes. We use these ingredients - and many more - at the highest levels required, to deliver proven results.

therapeutic fragrance

Fragrance is an important part of the This Works Superblend - it’s vital that our products perform, but they must also be sensorial and a pleasure to use. This Works’ founder, Kathy Phillips - herself a convert to the hugely emotive power of scent and aromatherapy - was inspired by the works of modern aromatherapists Dr Jean Valnet and Micheline Arcier to create products that would make the user sigh with satisfaction, buzz with energy or be filled with calm upon opening the lid - creating what we call a functional fragrance. 
Our most iconic fragrance, the Deep Sleep blend (which is tailored to the night phase), includes Lavender, known for its deeply relaxing, tension relieving properties, with soothing Wild Camomile and stress-relieving Vetivert, known for settling the nerves and treating mental and physical exhaustion. At night, we need calming and relaxing essential oils to help support sleep and ultimately skin renewal.

botanical oils

The therapeutic effects of natural, botanical and essential oils are renowned by many. Each essential oil has its own benefits and (when tailored to the right time of day and in the right product), they can help to give strength and support, whether you need to zone out or spark with energy. Our botanical oil blends are made by our expert blenders, using 100% pure and natural botanical oils.
Our favourite oils include Crambe Oil, found in some of our My Wrinkles and Stress Check products, which is an excellent natural lubricant and emollient. Mongongo Oil is found in our stress check face oil. Rich in Eleostearic acid (which reacts rapidly with UV light to polymerize into a protective layer for the skin), it has been used for thousands of years by the San people of the Kalahari as a sun damage protectant. The oil is is also high in Vitamin E providing excellent antioxidant properties.